How Do I Choose a Strategic Lawyer, rather than a Tactical Lawyer?

The specific strategy chosen for your personal circumstances and situation will be carefully considered and formulated, then put into place right from the very outset of your matter, right from Step 1 (which is the step that really matters)  How you choose your Step 1 is imperative, because that’s how you win and gain your best outcome down the track at the completion of your matter.

If you haven’t made your mind up yet, and you are still wondering which legal firm or lawyer to choose, then you need to be aware of one very important up-front thing that will make this choice an easier one to make.

You must figure out if the lawyer you are considering, is a strategic thinker or a tactical thinker.  Most people are not strategic thinkers but tactical thinkers.  It takes a brilliant legal mind to have the ability to be a strategic thinker and there lies the difference in you winning your case and gaining the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME or instead, an outcome that is unfortunate and very ordinary.

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