Every Minute Matters

What should I be aware of when it comes to My Legal Billing? - Why we believe that transparency is paramount. 

With all of this in mind and having carefully listened to our clients over the years, what they’ve experienced before and never wish to experience again, we at ABA Lawyers guarantee every minute we invest into your matter is necessary and meaningful.

We only carry out work that contributes to you achieving your very best outcomes in the fastest possible time frame.  Our purpose is to achieve your desired result, whilst not overspending (meaning, not carrying out pointless communications for no purpose) so we can potentially save you hundreds of dollars which eventually accumulate to tens of thousands of dollars.

Over the top legal bills can easily happen when work is carried out which is unnecessary to your outcome, such as pointless correspondence backwards and forwards.  We do not waste our time nor your money sending pointless correspondence or suggesting pointless tactics, simply to increase our billings.  ABA Lawyers is a very busy law firm, which is great because that means we have a lot of clients and can therefore work in a way that we prefer to underspend our client’s money rather than overspend it.  We simply don’t need to overspend on your behalf.  We are in high demand, and as such, our time spent with every client is valuable.

We pride ourselves in our very honest and upfront work ethics and manner.  We are always mindful of your finances, which ultimately means, much less overall legal costs are billed, in comparison to the fees you could easily be charged elsewhere for the same matter.  We also pride ourselves in achieving for every one of our clients the best outcome at the very best possible price.