How We Help Cut The Cost

What Can I do to help save myself additional or unnecessary fees?

Another thing to consider, whether you engage us at ABA Lawyers or another firm is to be mindful of how often you email your lawyer and how long your emails are.  For example, if you need to email, then be straight to the point, use bullet points to state facts or to showcase a point you wish to make. Do your best to make your emails as ‘short and to the point as possible’ because doing so, saves you lots of money.

The same thing goes for phone calls to your lawyer. The best advice we can give you is to make a list of points on a notepad that you wish to discuss before your phone call. When you speak to your lawyer, speak about each point one at a time.  Finalise each point, then move onto the next point making short notes recording his/her answers as you go, so you remember what advice was given.  Do your best not to go into what I call “a rant or ramble on” because it all costs money.  Every minute you spend talking about something insignificant to your matter will add to your legal fees.