Wills & Estates


Why Have A Will?

To protect your loved ones from potential anxiety and conflict following your death, it is a wise investment to obtain a professionally prepared Will. A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for the distribution of your assets upon your passing. Our team of professionals have the knowledge, skill and to assist you to construct a Will that provides you and your family with genuine security.

Passing Without A Valid Will

If you do not have a legally valid Will your estate will be administered pursuant to the statutory laws of intestacy, in lieu of your wishes. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from our team when preparing and executing your Will.

Contesting A Will

If you believe the will maker was not mentally capable; does not give a share (or adequate share) to a spouse, child or step-child; is without a clear meaning or not in the strict format of a Will, then certain Applications can be made to the Court to address these matters. Some contests may be able to be settled outside of court. Strict time limits apply to such Applications so we advise you to contact our team without delay to discuss your best course of action.

Superannuation Entitlements

Superannuation does not fall as a part of the estate as it is the trustee of a superannuation fund who has the duty to distribute the death benefits of a deceased fund member. We can however help you complete the necessary Applications to have the benefits paid to the estate so that the funds may be distributed according to the Will (if one exists) or advise whether a person may have a right to make an application as a claimant to some or all of the funds. If a decision has been made regarding the distribution and you wish to contest the same, we can assist you also in that regard.

Enduring Power of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to appoint another person (your “Attorney”) to make decisions for you in certain circumstances should you become temporarily or permanently unable to do so. Such decisions usually involve those that relate to your financial or health issues.

Advance Health Directive. An Advance Health Directive allows you to outline types of medical treatment you do or do not wish to accept if you are extremely unwell.

We can assist you with drawing and engrossing, and the execution of, your Enduring Power of Attorney or an Advance Health Directive quickly and conveniently in no time at all.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of developing a strategy that assists in managing your assets, tax minimisation, succession planning and protection of an inheritance from divorce or bankruptcy. We can advise you in these complex matters.


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